Being single has a lot going for it like plenty of free time to sip vinos with buddies, eating ice cream for dinner without anyone judging you, entire weekends dedicated to uninterrupted Gossip Girl binge-watch sessions... But around this time of year that footloose and fancy free singledom can feel abit less sparky and fabulous when everywhere you turn is a heart-shaped reminder that you're short a valentine.

The good news is, you're not alone. Tinder reports Valentine's Day in 2017 Australia saw a 20 per cent increase in usage on the matchmaking app and this year is gearing up for a similar surge in singles looking to find their Mr or Mrs Right or atleast, Mr/Mrs Right Now.

And to help you find that love connection on V-Day next week Tinder has three tips for you:

#1 Take advantage of the additional peops looking for love on Tinder on Feb 14 and update your bio so it's crisp, fresh, fun and honest.

#2 Don't aim for a first date on Feb 14 - that's so much pressure. Instead spend V-Day connecting with potential matches and book in a post-Feb 14 date.

#3 If you've been 'on a break' from Tinder over summer, February is the ideal time to get back on the app, the surge in users translates to much more potential to find your perfect match.

Single and ready to Tinder? Here’s how to swipe right this Valentine’s Day