It's the moment we've all been waiting for. Thirty-three days ago Kylie Jenner announced baby Stormi was born, and so far the social media star has only shared teaser photos.

There's the one of Stormi's chubby fingers wrapped around Kylie's perfectly manicured thumb, and the one of Stormi's one month-day. Kylie is looking flawless in a foliage-covered tracksuit and Stormi is wearing a knitted bunny ears onesie.


But the day has come when we can finally lay eyes upon the sweetness that is baby Stormi Webster. Kylie posted on her Snapchat with the caption "My pretty girl" and put a fire emoji filter over the baby's head.

stormi face

OK so a third of her face is obscured by a giant purple dummy and her little mittened hand, but even with only part of her face showing, the verdict is irrefutable. The kid is cute. 

Kylie Jenner finally shares the very first photo of baby Stormi's face