Along with a stunning black velvet Ralph Lauren dress and a new choppy fringe, Emma Watson also wore a tattoo to the 2018 Oscars Vanity Fair party. Nothing to see here, moving right along to the next A-list movie star. Wait, what does that temp tattoo say?

Emma Watson Oscars 2018. Images: Jean-Baptiste Lacroix/AFP,  Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

On closer viewing, the Beauty and the Beast actress' tattoo which says 'Times Up' in support of the Time's Up movement is missing a crucial piece of punctuation: an apostrophe. And considering that Watson has a degree in English Literature from Ivy League university, Brown, surely she should be all over the humble but important inclusion of correct punctuation.

Naturally Twitter exploded in fury over this missing punctuation mark (possibly led by The Apostrophe Protection Society - which is a real organisation) and Watson responded in the best way possible:


Emma Watson 1: everyone else 0.

Emma Watson addressed her Oscars fake tattoo snafu in the BEST way