Netflix is notoriously private about their viewing figures but that doesn't mean they don't know what the numbers are or who's watching what. And proving that they are most definitely clocking customer's viewing habits (it's too late to erase that Full House binge-fest),  earlier this week the streamer took to Twitter to call out the 53 people who had watched so-bad-it's-good holiday movie A Christmas Prince every single day for 18 days in a row (it's like the TV show of advent calendars - one watch per day until December 25):

And while this could have been a creepy reminder that everything we do leaves a digital trail of breadcrumbs (and some fans were kind of furious/nervous about how many times they'd watched Love Actually in the last month) - the Twitter thread took a hilarious and delightful turn with viewers tweeting gems like this:


Fingers crossed @desiredlex gets her Christmas wish...

Netflix knows when you’ve been good, bad or binge-watching