Hint: there's not a flower crown to be found

Festivals. They're hotbeds of the best - and worst - sartorial style, from Kate Bosworth's dreamy ensembles to Jared Leto's scare-the-children looks. As we prepare for the onslaught of suede fringing, denim cut-offs, unfortunate tie-dye and paisley that is the uniform of festival-goers everywhere, we thought we'd take a moment to revel in what the coolest kids under the Californian sun wear when they want to let their hair down.

From the much-copied style of Diane Kruger, Alexa Chung and Alessandra Ambrosio to the Kendalls, Kylies and Selenas of the world, all the inspiration you need for your next festival get-up is here. Don't forget to check in again next week to see what all the stars wore over the weekend. 

Festival fashion: Coachella's best dressed of all time