Think you love the story of the Titanic? Not as much as the people in Belfast. The Northern Ireland capital has a strong connection to the 'unsinkable' ship. Harland & Wolff, the famous ship builders behind the RMS Titanic (and most of the White Star Line fleet) hailed from Belfast and housed their headquarters in the town.  

Belfast is currently home to an award-winning Titanic Museum, showcasing artefacts from the ship and replica cabins, and now the Irish town has its very own Titanic Hotel where you can live out all of your Jack and Rose fantasies.

(Image: Titanic Hotel Belfast)

Following a two-year, and almost $38 million renovation, the former Harland & Wolff headquarters has been transformed into an old-world hotel with 119 luxury rooms that celebrate the RMS Titanic. Superior suites feature metallic wallpaper, antique furnishings and replica lighting. There are also six heritage rooms, including the Presentation Room, which once served as Thomas Andrews' (Titanic chief designer) office.

The hotel is dubbed the "World's most authentic Titanic hotel," so if you're going to stay at any Titanic hotel (yes, apparently there are more), then this is the one to go to.

You can live out your Jack and Rose fantasy at this Titanic hotel