From goat yoga to HIIT to choreographed cycling classes (hello SoulCycle) there are always new, improved ways to get fit fast. Some actually work and you do get the six pack of abs you always knew were there just waiting for an opportunity to surface while some are just too crazy to even attempt (goat yoga because what inner city dweller has access to a goat?).

But 'Clubbercise', the latest craze sweeping the activewear crowd, sounds like it might just fall into the legit category with the people behind it claiming it burns around 600 calories per class.

The workout is a '90s Girls Just Want to Have Fun nightclub-style class fusing dance, combat moves and toning under nightclub lighting with flashing LED glow sticks.


And even if it doesn't burn as many cals as claimed, it's still an excellent excuse to bust out some neon tights, a set of leg warmers and dance until you drop.

Clubbercise was founded in the UK and combines two very obvious activities: clubbing and exercise. Who hasn't worked up a sweat on the club floor a time or four? However usually your fave slinky TGIF dress gets drenched in sweat, with Clubbercise you combine those same fun club vibes but in appropriate athletic attire.

Bringing Clubbercise to our shores is dancer and master Clubbercise trainer Jade Purdie who has been busily training fitness instructors all over Australia in the magical art of high energy club-style dance/exercise.

Keen to try it? Head to:

Dust off your leg warmers, this ‘90s-style workout burns all the calories