The term "posturing" in The Outnet's collaboration series with Ground Floor Project has little to do with the traditional meaning of the word. It defines a movement in contemporary fashion photography that rejects sexualised, glamourous representations of the human form. Posturing is all about movement and posing, the beauty of the body and the surreal and fascinating shapes it can take.  

The Posturing collaboration was done in three parts: a photography exhibition that launched in London in 2017, a short film that debuted at Art Basel Miami, and now an art book that will land on April 5.

The book features images by photographers like Joyce NG, Marton Perlaki, Brianna Capozzi and Charlie Engman. It's set out as a visual essay by photo editor Holly Hay, one half of the Ground Floor Project. Photographs are interspersed with interviews conducted by Shonagh Marshall, curator and Hay's partner in the project.

Expect photos that feature cotemporary fashion, and subjects who capture the incredibly lithe,  graceful and sometimes strange movement of the body.

"As the final instalment of Posturing, the book documents not only the imagery which defines the movement, but the opinions of the people so integral to creating these images," Holly Hay and Shonagh Marshall said in a release. "Capturing these voices not only offers an insight into process but prompts what the future of fashion image-making may hold."

Posturing will be available at The Outnet on April 5. 

The Outnet launches an exquisite art book that celebrates fashion and the human form