Pop on a rep lip and it feels like the world is yours for the taking; we know this, blonde bombshell Reese Witherspoon knows this, and so does iconic beauty house, Elizabeth Arden, who has teamed up with the former to create a limited edition lipstick that celebrates the power of women as part of their 'March On' campaign.  

The exclusive lipstick has been created in the brand's signature 'Red Door' shade and is signed by Witherspoon, with 100% of the proceeds donated to UN Women. The initiative is incredibly fitting for the beauty brand, considering the advocacy Elizabeth Arden had for women's rights, providing red lipsticks to the suffragettes who marched Fifth Avenue in 1912. Wearing red lipstick became a symbol of the women's movement and today remains an icon for female empowerment.

Reese Witherspoon is uniting women with the power of a red lip

The 'March On' campaign aims to unite women over the world as a physical symbol of their support for one another. As part of the campaign, Elizabeth Arden pledges to donate US $1million to UN Women to support their work to advance women's issues worldwide.

"There is real strength and camaraderie in March On and the feeling that we are in this together," explained Witherspoon in a statement. "By bringing UN Women, Elizabeth Arden and women everywhere together we can help change women's lives around the world for the better."

Closer to home, Elizabeth Arden has enlisted the assistance of fiece Aussie women to spread the message of empowerment with a bold red lip. The Daily Edited founder Alyce Tran, model and activist Ollie Henderson, Beck Wadworth of An Organised Life and Anna Heinrich are just four of a group of 20 Aussie women who have united as part of the 'March On' campaign.

Alyce Tran | Ollie Henderson

The 'March On' campaign launches in line with International Women's Day  (March 8), using the lipstick as a powerful symbol of unity and advocacy. Elizabeth Arden March On Beautiful Color Lipstick in Red Door Red will be available beginning March 2018 in department stores globally.

Anna Heinrich | Beck Wadworth

Reese Witherspoon is uniting women with the power of a red lip