Even though there's a slew of skincare brands on the market which target everything from pigmentation to dryness to acne - every individual person's skin is completely different - so this one-size-fits actually fits no one. What works to make your skin less acne-prone could be a complete dud on your best friend's skin even though it's pretty much the same problem - and it all comes down to our genes.

Our genetic code is individual to us but until now research into genetic mapping hasn't been focused on what that will mean for our beauty routine. Enter research-based French skincare company, Biologique Recherche - a forty-year old skincare brand that is all about science and working with the best researchers to develop game-changing skincare products that work.

Their latest project? A new moisturiser, La Grande Crème, which was "inspired after a major discovery ... at the Gene Expression Laboratory in San Diego," and lead them to develop a peptide called EpigenActiv©.

Adaptive skincare? It’s the personalised answer to your beauty issues

This peptide works on each person's skin growth factors to regenerate tissues by, according to a press statement, "...acting on the expression of genes involved in the... ageing process to promote genuine tissue regrowth." Translation? This formula works with your genes to target whatever skin ageing issues you have (wrinkles/pigmentation etc).

Which is pretty darn amazing when you think about it - it's next level personalised skincare from a skincare brand that is based on next-gen science. They don't adhere to the one-size-fits-all model recognising that each person's skin is unique. In fact their product range is huge - with over 90 products including a serum that's made from 'colostrum' (but don't worry no mums were involved in producing it).

As for where to get La Grand Crème  - it's a salon-only brand and in Australia is available at celebrity facialist Melanie Grant's Double Bay and Melbourne beauty rooms.  

Adaptive skincare? It’s the personalised answer to your beauty issues