Lip Lab opened in Paddington's Oxford Street back in 2015 offering a one-of-a-kind service for make-up lovers to custom blend their own lipsticks colours.

Fast forward to 2018 and there are now 14 Lip Lab locations around Australia and Canada with plans to expand to the Middle East and the Philippines in the near future.

And while custom blending your own shade of lipstick from the smorgasbord of colour options on offer - think: nude, red, pink, basically any hue you could possibly dream up and multiple texture/finishes including matte, cream, sheer and vegan - is still the main drawcard, you can also now customise foundation and concealer.

Lipstick swatches @theliplab

Which is a complete gift from the make-up gods for those of us who can never find the perfect pre-made shade. The foundation and concealer input options are varied and once the Lip Lab team have mixed the shade to your specifications you also have the choice of adding in good-for-your-skin ingredients like an anti-ageing or SPF.

They're also launching mineral powders this year, fulfilling all your base make-up requirements.

There are 14 Lip Lab locations around Australia, find your nearest here:

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