Which beauty prods wouldn't stay on the shelves in 2017?

With thousands of beauty products launched each year, it would be a fair call to say we are by no means spoilt for choice in 2017. And while some launches stand out for obvious reasons (eg. Rihanna's mega-hyped Fenty Beauty and Pat McGrath Labs), there are just as many fab buys that quietly make it onto the shelves without us mere mortals even realising. I mean, we get it: unless you're a beauty ed or loyalty card-carrying beauty junkie, it's easy to miss the good stuff. So in the interests of your beauty education, we took it upon ourselves to ask some of the beauty giants at Mecca, Sephora and more to find out what was hot and happening in 2017. And the results were very interesting.

Click through the gallery above for a snapshot of all the sellout beauty moments that happened this year. Prepare to get on the waitlist....

Sell-out success: the 13 most in-demand beauty products of 2017