In a week and a half, summer will be over *sob* and all we'll be left with are memories of music festivals, a We Are Handsome scoop one piece that got wrecked in the pool and some unbelievably dry skin.

But why would your skin be dry in summer? Surely all the humid weather would keep it supple and dewy? Between the sun and the swimming, the extra shaving and the soap you used to wash off your sunscreen, summer can leave your skin parched.Here are our favourite beauty products for skin that's dry as a bone: 

Face: The Water Cream by Tatcha

Just because the humidity turns your skin into an oily mess, that doesn't mean you don't need moisturiser. Tatcha is oil-free, super hydrating and even promises to shrink pores. And even though pore-shrinking is a myth that's been debunked, this cream at least tightens your skin. Plus it has gold in it that gives your skin a luminous shine and makes it super fancy.

Dry summer skin cure: 5 products for dewy, gorgeous skin

Hands: Ultimate Strength Hand Salve by Kiehl's

We can personally attest to the fact that this hand cream is magical. At night, put it on the driest saddest skin and in the morning it'll be lovely and as soft as babies skin. Its incredible healing properties take care of cracked knuckles, hangnails and those calluses you've got from smashing the kettlebells at those early morning F45 sessions.

Dry summer skin cure: 5 products for dewy, gorgeous skin

Body: Figue d'Ete by Bastide

It's got the word summer in the name, so obviously it's meant to be. Figue d'Ete is for the body, the hands, the feet, the sun-kissed shoulders, everything. It's enriched with French honey (which can only be superior honey) and olive oil, and it smells of delicate, ripe figs.

figue dete

Body: Aveeno

If it's good enough for the delicate skin of bubbas, it's good enough for us. Shout-out to the budget friendly Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion. It's gentle, not greasy, it soaks into your skin quickly, and for those who prefer it that way, there's not a trace of scent.


Sun: After Sun Rescue by Clinique

So you stayed out in the sun too long, didn't reapply your sunscreen and now you've got a hot little burn. Whoops. Next time remember that a kimono makes a handy beach cover-up, and this time, try Clinique's After Sun Rescue. Even though staying out of the sun is the best way to prevent aging from UV rays, this cream will help minimise visible damage.

clinique after sun

Dry summer skin cure: 5 products for dewy, gorgeous skin